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Check this article of Ashley who is 17 years old and has mad a million with her website which she started when she was 14.

Cause Marketing is a combination of brand association, direct marketing and public relations. With public relations in particular it can help with reputation mangement, crisis management, investor relations, labor relations, product placement and grassroots PR.

From Wikipedia:

Cause marketing or cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

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Upstart Blogger takes a look at how blogging and social media have impacted the music industry.

Landing Page Optimization can make a huge difference in online sales and sign ups.

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Pink Deals is a site which has used the Unique Blog Designs service.  You can read all about it at Gary Lee’s long weekend.

Jenny How has some rad ebay tips including how to find good wholesalers.

Mr Gary Lee makes some interesting points here about Mark Cuban – the Billionaire Who Blogs. Mark likes to pimp a lot of his other stuff he’s involved with like the Dallas Mavericks and his HDTV stuff.
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This is a nice interview of Tyler Cruz.  Many people are happy with $10,000 per month.   It seems like a common target.

$100,000 per month has a much better ring to it though.  I wonder why?

(Sup Gyutae)

Here Danielle talks about personal branding.

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Chris Pirillo is one of the best blogging money makers around and he uses techniques almost nobody else is using.

BloggerCon IV: “How to Make Money”:

I came across some search tips at WebMasterWorld Forums from aaanativearts for finding drop ship suppliers. aaanativearts runs a successful online ecommerce store which mixes his unique products, inventory from wholesalers, and dropshipping.

He says he makes 2 – 5 times more money with drop shipping than affiliates. Three interesting new web services from Amazon Web Services are Amazon WebStore, Amazon Fulfillment, and Drop Ship by Amazon. Doba is also an interesting contrast in recommendations and flames.

DBL and Moteng seem quite genuine.

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Mark Cuban and Tim O’Reilly I think underestimate the user base of OpenSocial API. Something like 4 times bigger than Facebooks.

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Here’s a novel concept.  An opensouce business plan.

Read all about it here.

My Bright Idea – an Open Source Business Plan « BlogWhine:

Old news but some interesting points from Mark Jaquith. Personally I don’t think Matt was in any position to criticize here. It’s a capitalist country and people can make money any way that is legal.

Read More » continues it’s success. Now it’s featured in a video series of online businesses. Featured in New Online Video Series

“Apple Has Destroyed the Music Business”

Translation – “Apple has destroyed the pimping of artists by record labels business”

“If we don’t take controle on the video side, they’ll do the same” to video.

Read More » allows you to loan to people who are part of the community. Prosper plans to give you the ability to resell the loans on a secondary market.

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This site is like an instant Post Secret site where you confess stuff. It makes ads off adsense.

Confessions from Anonymous Australians

Interesting Web 2.0 Paid Surveys site with the classic web 2.0 design and ajax.

Online Polls and Guide to Paid Surveys

It’s the Google vs Facebook PR Death match.

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Making a winning facebook app is like mining for gold. Less than 4% have 10,000 or more subscribers.

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VideoEgg pays $8 – $12 per thousand impressions according to an article I refer to in my who wants to be a facebook millionaire?

Ad Network – Overview | Videoegg


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