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Some people are speaking harshly of Mark Zuckerberg but I’m sitting on the fence at the moment in most of the matters except one that I’ll talk about at the end of this article. At the end of the day the guys only 23 years old and he’s got a world of pressure on him at the moment. (Plus mega billion dollar signs in his eyes)

So what’s all this recent facebook hoohaa about?

Well there was the original controversy of him stealing the idea of facebook which has been in and out of court. An expose of sorts can be read about it here.

Initially you could pass this story off as the usual crackpots trying to cash in once someone makes it big. I haven’t really dug into the court case so I can’t comment too much but it did seem dodgy from what I read. Hence you could begin to form an idea in your mind that Zuckerberg might be dodgy.

But then there was Facebooks Beacon which went charging into peoples private data like a horny rampaging bull elephant looking for some major action. Was this naive or just purely motivated by dollar signs?

And how did Beacon even get the greenlight when it is almost certainly illegal and fraudulent? I mean they did recently get $200 million in funding and you’d think that they could have hire some decent lawyers. (You could already get the Block Facebook Beacon Firefox plugin).

People say Google have way more data than Facebook but Chris Apollo Lynn made some great points about Facebook vs Google:

  1. Beacon partners send data to Facebook even if you have opted out and are logged out of Facebook.
  2. Google’s practices are completely transparent. They explain it all to you and you can get there on the main page. Google even shows you how you can do it.
  3. Google can’t datamine your info the same way facebook can: Google knows what you surf, but not who you are. Facebook knows everything that you tell it.
  4. Google’s cookies can be cleared or blocked DIRECTLY on your browser. Facebook avoids that entirely.
  5. Facebook lied to the press several times leading up to today and Zuckerberg still hasn’t addressed the data transmission for those who’ve opted out except by saying it doesn’t store the information. If that is the case, why do they send it?

And checkout how facebook stole Christmas (

“Oh my gosh, my cousins entire christmas shopping list this week was displayed on the [Facebook news] feed. thats so messed up. This has gotta stop!” — Tasha Valdez from Michigan

“I bought some shoes and a dress on and was shocked to see it on my news feed the next time I logged onto facebook. The next day I had several people come up to me and comment on the things I bought. It was really creepy. I wonder what would have happened if I had bought underwear?” — Rachel Hundley

“i found out what i was getting for Christmas from my sister…sadness.” — Annie Kadala from north Carolina

“I made a purchase yesterday for my wife for Christmas…When my wife logged onto Facebook, there was an entry in her news feed that I had bought a ring from Overstock. It had a link to the ring and everything. Christmas ruined.” — Sean Lane from Massachusetts

“I saw my gf bought an item i had been saying i wanted … so now part of my christmas gift has been ruined. Facebook is ruining christmas!” — Matthew Helfgott

Coke and Overstock have now bailed from Facebooks Beacon due to the privacy concerns and controversies.

Meanwhile while Facebook crashes and burns Zuckerberg plays Jetman.

To be fair back when Donald Trump was about $900 million in the red during the early nineties he went and played golf and everything turned out alright for him. (He made even more money, married a Slovenian Supermodel and got his own TV show (note to self – it pays handsomely to be a complete jackass with a monumental ego))

Does that mean its time to ditch facebook?


There are still some good benefits to facebook and in all honesty its not like you’re exposing yourself any less than you do on myspace. And do these 20 and 30 somethings really care about privacy any more?

No. They’re brought up to be extreme extroverts online. Its still a top 30 site and there’s still money to be made.

Mark has already apologized for the screw up. Chris Apollo Lynn asks is that enough? Do you still trust him?

And could facebook be about to crash and die as fast as it rose to the top of the near top of the heap?

Whatever the case may be if Mark Zuckerberg was Eric from That 70’s show right about now Red would be calling him a dumbass. Exhibits 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Facebook tries to overturn the First Amendment.
  2. Nov 6th 2007 Zuckerberg announces Beacon and says “The next hundred years will be different for advertising, and it starts today
  3. Turns down a $1 Billion dollars from This is where a guy like Mark Cuban would have exit stage left.

So what should Facebook be doing? Check it out here and here.

Also checkout Facebook is a beacon for bad PR. Facebook’s beacon even tracks non-facebook users. (The Facebook boogie man runs rampant)

You know the Web 2.0 crash has already started and Facebook is really just dancing to the tune. The dotcom industry is like the penny mining industry in a lot of ways. A cycle of scams and hype that happen every decade give or take a few years. What’s great about now though is there are lots of ways of making money online for the little guy – blogging even.

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