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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Grandcentral tracks all your numbers and now Google does too.

GrandCentral: The New Way to Use Your Phones:

Some more free wordpress themes.  This time Web 2.0 style.  These are simple yet elegant themes.  They’d be great for a Mu WordPress install. – Free WordPress Themes:

Rob Conery swaps back from Rails to

Derek Sivers below swapped back to PHP.

7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails – O’Reilly Ruby:

Install Nginx on Ubuntu with SSL and the right libraries.

NginxInstallOptions – Nginx Wiki:

Example on Ubuntu/debian with libgcrypt11-dev, libpcre3-dev and libssl-dev installed (choose EITHER –with-md5 OR –with-sha1, but not both; on debian and ubuntu, they should both point to /usr/lib) ./configure –with-openssl=/usr/lib/ssl/ –with-md5=/usr/lib

For the easiest best and fastest set up its actually better use Nginx as your main web server serving up requests to multiple instances of the Tracd Embedded Webserver.

For instructions on how to do that visit here Nginx + Tracd + Tracd

If you enjoy bashing your head against a brick wall here’s a complete recipe for a Trac on Nginx – with Spawn FCGI Script.

Get the nginx trac fcgi recipe here

This guy has a great blog.  Some clever thoughts in a lot of areas and a pretty design.

10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries (That don’t suck) | 20bits

Mark Cuban and Tim O’Reilly I think underestimate the user base of OpenSocial API. Something like 4 times bigger than Facebooks.

Read More »

The O’Reilly Movable Type Blog.

O’Reilly Radar

Otters Holding Hands « Matt on Not-WordPress

Key Mu WordPress developer Doncha has created a new WordPress Super Cache Plugin.

WordPress Super Cache 0.1 at Holy Shmoly!:

Another crisp Ubercart theme from

I’ve been testing out Ubercart which is a drupal module. I like the set up better so far than any other opensource php cart.

Nice Ubercart store from Blend Apparel

Blend Apparel:

Here’s a novel concept.  An opensouce business plan.

Read all about it here.

My Bright Idea – an Open Source Business Plan « BlogWhine:

Where is the “activity stream” plugin?  Activity Stream is a cool idea.

Here’s an activity stream page of Dan Gossman’s.

Dan Grossman » Testing “Activity Stream” Plugin:

Deepest sender is an awesome blogging client that runs in firefox.

Read More »

A list of Ajax and API Apps from Dion Almaer.  He also has an interesting sidebar with an activity stream.

My Code on Dion Almaer’s Blog

Dove has had a successful campaign on

Read More »

Old news but some interesting points from Mark Jaquith. Personally I don’t think Matt was in any position to criticize here. It’s a capitalist country and people can make money any way that is legal.

Read More » continues it’s success. Now it’s featured in a video series of online businesses. Featured in New Online Video Series

Update:  Whoops 300,000 visitors to gWHIZ.

Awesome to get 100,000 visitors gWHIZ. Congratulations. gWHIZ uses Sapphire theme.

The 100,000th Visit & Traffic Mongering « gWHIZ

Although I don’t agree with everything he says the success of blows my mind. 2 years and its one of the biggest sites on the net with very little hype. Just grassroots community and the best search engine strategy – maybe ever.

Read More »

Instigator Blog does a great article on the pros and cons of freelancing.

Exposed: The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

“Apple Has Destroyed the Music Business”

Translation – “Apple has destroyed the pimping of artists by record labels business”

“If we don’t take controle on the video side, they’ll do the same” to video.

Read More »

Amazon s3 has managed 99.99% uptime. That’s pretty awesome and I use the service myself. Read More »

Objects create relationships in social networks. An object in LinkedIn could be a job. The job creates the relationship between two people. – Object Centered Sociality


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