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Mark Cuban and Tim O’Reilly I think underestimate the user base of OpenSocial API. Something like 4 times bigger than Facebooks.

The fact is people only want to use those lame little social/game apps on facebook. They’re the most popular and they’ll continue to be the most popular. People talk about more useful apps. They’re already there its just no one is using them.

There are ways of monetizing those uber popular stupid little apps – maybe a few million here or there is to be made – but there’s not ways of making mega money out of them.

These types of apps will be popular on the OpenSocial platform too. For the app builders on facebook who have made money OpenSocial is like a gold mine to tempting to ignore. The combined user base is 4 times bigger than Facebooks and people on sites like Myspace I think are even more inclined to use those lame apps.

Mark Cuban says its too late for OpenSocial to come to the party. But I think its not to late for Facebook to completely tank with their contemptuous attitude towards their user base privacy and their new ad platforms. In a years time after Crash 2.0 I can see Mark Zuckerberg curled up in a fetal position crying – “why didn’t I take the $2 billion”.

The best way to use these app platforms is to set up blogging and forum clients and get facebook/myspace users etc to create content for your own websites.

User data mobility will never happen within one of the major social networks. They just wouldn’t allow it.

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